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Yemen's 'days of rage'
What are the risks of a political void in this volatile country?
Last Modified: 20 Feb 2011 15:08 GMT

On Saturday, Yemeni riot police shot dead a protester and injured at least five as thousands gathered in the capital Sanaa for a ninth day of protests. The demonstrations followed Yemen's "day of rage" on Friday in which at least six people were killed in clashes between riot police and protestors. 

The protests continued even as Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Yemeni president, promised not to seek re-election when his term comes to an end in 2013. Saleh also pledged not to hand power to his son.

But could he survive the unrest this time around? And what are the risks of a political void in volatile Yemen?

Inside Story, with presenter Divya Gopalan, discusses with: Sheikh Mohammed Abu-Lohom, a senior member of the ruling party in Yemen; Zaki Chehab, the editor-in-chief of Arabs today, an online news website; and Abdul Razak Saleh, a Yemeni-born political and human rights activist.

This episode of Inside Story aired from Saturday, February 19, 2011.

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