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Turkey's presidential elections

A mass rally was held in Ankara
Canidates for Turkey's next president began applying for the job on Monday, and the current prime minister, Receb Tayeb Erdogan, is expected to add his name to those running for the post.

Erdogan's run is widely anticipated to be successful … and controversial. Although he now describes himself as a conservative democrat, Erdogan is seen by the secular elite as having a secret Islamist agenda.

Over the past weekend, an estimated 500,000 people from across Turkey gathered in a mass rally in Ankara against him. But the ever-influential military, which has staged three coups in the past, is taking a more concessionist stance.

Why is that? Is this part of what is being called a New Turkey? And how does the EU, whose membership is sought by Turkey, view this political development?

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I think I have identified now what is at the heart of America's foreign policy. It is racism at the core of American society, a racism so barbaric in it's ethnocentric attitude that it obliterates the possibility of rational thought or of discourse. It is a total rejection of 'the alien', whether that be within their own borders or by extension in foreign countries. At the end of the day this is one person's war, George Bush, against the rest of humanity that doesn't wear a clean, blank, white face.
Mr CJ Hudson, United Kingdom
Congratulations on an informative, balanced, well researched programme. After years of frustration with the narrow agenda of other news channels it is such a relief to have a programme like Inside Story and a channel like Al Jazeera. Keep up the good work. I wonder if you could do a programme on some of the Islamic political parties like the Muslim Brotherhood or Hizb-ut-Tahrir. It would be great to have their solutions for political problems explored and tested. Once again thanks for this brilliant piece of journalism.
Mrs N Adel, England

I am an American ex-pat living in Europe who was involved in early internet development in the USA. Today, 90 per cent of media worldwide is owned by six corporations, which means that 90 per cent of media speaks with one voice, the corporate/government voice. In the USA it is even worse – five corporations own 95 per cent of the media. Media comprises television, radio, newspapers, movies, magazines, billboards etc. Notwithstanding the problems with blogging as discussed on today’s broadcast, we need alternative voices – those not  represented by the corporate/government media. Blogging gives the ordinary person a voice that he or she would not otherwise have. I suspect that over time, as with most things, smart, reliable blogging will prevail, and the trash bloggers will disappear. Keep up the good work!
Dr Richard W Bryant, Algarve, Portugal