Talk of foreign plots and civil war as government signs peace deal with powerful rebels.
Conflicts and crises around the world are forcing the United Nations to make difficult choices.
Is Washington and its partners being dragged into another open-ended conflict?
Thousands of people across the world joined together to raise awareness for climate change.
Presidential candidates ended months of deadlock by signing agreement.
Is the ongoing unrest part of the post-revolutionary growing pains or the death throes of the transition to democracy.
Scotland rejects independence from the United Kingdom but is promised greater autonomy
Amnesty International accuses security forces of carrying out 'shocking' torture and abuse in a climate of impunity.
Citing security concerns, the US steps up its fight againt the spread of the Ebola virus.
The United Nations says the plight of millions of stateless people around the world should be addressed.
The United Nations takes over responsibility for peacekeeping in troubled Central African Republic.
The group which calls itself the Islamic State beheads a third Western hostage.
Sunnis believed to have helped the Islamic State group are reportedly subject to revenge.
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