State elections in Indian-administered Kashmir attract record voter turnout.
OPEC's refusal to lower production seems to be part of a strategy to cut out competitors.
Tunisians go to the polls to choose their first democratically elected president since 2011 revolution.
Palestinians have yet again approached the United Nations to help in their statehood quest.
President Obama's policy shift towards Cuba ushers in a new era with the Communist country.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says there is now no difference between "good and bad Taliban".
Russian economy under serious threat as the currency continues to plummet.
Police officers and journalists linked to influential cleric Fethullah Gulen are arrested in nationwide raids.
Leaders of the world’s newest nation appear no nearer to a power-sharing deal after a year of civil war.
It's a vote that will be a referendum on the Prime Minister's economic policies.
Plunging oil prices worldwide are making many countries nervous, but others are smiling.
Israeli troops are accused of killing a Palestinian minister in scuffles with demonstrators.
Rights groups are calling for those responsible for "enhanced interrogation" of suspects to be held accountable.
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