Inside Iraq
Assessing Petraeus
Did General Petraeus's assessment reflect reality or was it merely political spin?
Last Modified: 06 Oct 2007 07:50 GMT

Professor Steven Livingston on Inside Iraq
General David Petraeus and ambassador Ryan Crocker's testimony to US congress has not changed public perception of the Iraq war in the US.

Most observers felt the report simply bought a little more time for George Bush, the US president, to defend his war policy.

Was General Petraeus' report an independent military analysis or was he merely a mouthpiece of the White House?

Inside Iraq this week looks at these issues from two perspectives - average Americans and a political analyst.

Our guests this week are lawyer Denise Sebagh, graduate business student Matt Miller and political scientist Professor Steven Livingston who is affiliated with George Washington University.

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This episode of Inside Iraq aired from 21st September 2007

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