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Al Jazeera's recent coverage of Israel's war on Gaza was unparalleled. The network was the only international broadcaster with reporters on both sides of the border, in Israel and Gaza.


Analysis and features from Gaza and Israel

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The war may now be over but the human suffering continues. Focus on Gaza is a new weekly show that will examine all facets of life in the Gaza Strip.

Presented by Imran Garda, the programme will bring all the latest news and devolopments in Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Al Jazeera will also showcase family life in the densely populated area that some describe as the world's largest open prison.

Focus on Gaza features Al Jazeera's team in the territory, including correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin, as we continue to lead the way in covering one of the world's most intractable conflicts.

The Spin Battle

The public relations war over Gaza is one of the fiercest media battles in the world.

Al Jazeera finds out how a cartoon published in the US depicting Israel's stance on Gaza has caused controversy and been labelled anti-semitic by some.

Two media analysts debate the influence of Israel on US media and a family of Israeli reservists describe how they feel about their country’s public relations strategy.

Finally, veteran Irish politician Gerry Adams shares his feelings on the impact of media bias in conflict with Sherine Tadros.


Part two

Legacy of War

We take a close look at one deadly legacy of war - unexploded munitions. Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip has further complicated the clean-up operation, and with hundreds of these devices still around, dozens of civilians have been killed or injured.

Sherine Tadros visits the Hassanens, a family all too familiar with the lethal effects of Israel's unexploded armoury.

We also explore the obstacles encountered by young Gazans as they attempt to pursue their education and our correspondent Nour Odeh asks students what they feel their future holds.

Plus, the story of one young girl who is striving to overcome her everyday hardships in order to excel at school.


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White Phosphorous

In this week's show we hear how Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes for its unlawful use of white phosphorous.

Mike Kirsch vists a town in the US where white phosphorous is manufactured and shows locals the true human cost of the weapon.

Meanwhile we hear how survivors of the war in Gaza are taking legal action and we meet a mother burnt by white phosphorous who tells her story.


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Factional Fighting

Israel is reeling from two damning blows to the reputation of its army, escalating international and internal pressure over alleged war crimes.

The first is a UN report which calls the recent Israeli war on Gaza illegal and the operation itself a "war crime of the greatest magnitude".

The second, and perhaps more troubling for the military, are the chilling accounts of a disregard for civilian safety from its own soldiers involved in the operation, published this week in a leading Israeli newspaper.

Now, a military official has joined human rights groups in calling for a thorough investigation.

But an external Israeli threat is by no means all that Gazan civilians have to contend with.

In a special report our correspondent Hoda Abdel Hamid brings together two Gazan students – one from each of the two opposing groups - living very different lives and separated by factional rivalry.


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The Blockade

In the week that British activists arrived in Gaza with 100 trucks of aid, we look at the blockade they broke, and the impact it is having on quality of life.

We speak to George Galloway himself about why he and his British volunteers made it their mission to bring the goods to Gazans personally.

Also in the programme we feature a cartoon about life under siege made for an Israeli anti-blockade group by the director of acclaimed animation Waltz With Bashir.

And we spend the day out at sea with fisherman off the Gazan coast as they risk their lives for their catch. It is an industry desperately struggling to remain viable with ever-declining yields as tensions on the ground mean tighter controls imposed out at sea.


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Rebuilding Gaza

Israel's war on Gaza left 4,000 homes destroyed and 17,000 damaged. Schools, hospitals, police stations, even the parliament building all need to be rebuilt.

The international community has pledged $5bn to fund the reconstruction but the Israeli government is refusing to allow even the most basic building materials into the Strip.

Todd Baer reports on how this is hampering reconstruction efforts and we ask Major Peter Lerner from the Israeli defence ministry, whether the blockade makes a mockery of the pledge.

In our weekly film on family life in Gaza, we follow a father as he tries to get help for his family, which was made homeless by the war.


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Policing Gaza

Two months to the day since police stations across Gaza were hit in Israeli air strikes, killing dozens and marking the first day of the war, we ask why the Gazan police were Israel's number one target and how a now ruined Gaza can be policed at all.

We also revisit the Samouni's - the family Al Jazeera English followed throughout the war - to find out how the children are attempting to go on with their lives after losing their loved ones.

Usama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, joins the show to discuss Palestinian reconciliation.


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A Crime of War?

Human rights investigators continue to look into allegations that Israeli soldiers may have committed crimes of war during their Gaza military campaign. 

The first Focus on Gaza, A Crime of War? looks at the story of an alleged war crime that occurred in the small village of Khuza'a, half a kilometre from the Israeli border. 

Ayman Mohyeldin speaks with village residents who tell the story of a Gazan woman who was killed with a single shot to the head while waving a white flag as she led children to safety. 




Focus on Gaza can be seen on Al Jazeera each week at the following times GMT: Friday 1430 and 2030; Saturday 0330 and 2230; Sunday 0830 

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