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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Sir David is joined by the president of Liberia, plus Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor.
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President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf talks about the challenges facing Liberia
On this week's Frost over the World, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the president of Liberia, talks to Sir David Frost.

In 2005, the Harvard-trained economist was elected the first post-civil war president of Liberia and the first female president in Africa. The country is recovering from a brutal civil war that lasted 14 years and left 250,000 dead.
Johnson-Sirleaf talks to Sir David about the huge challenges of national reconciliation, rebuilding Liberia's economy and why she thinks Liberia should become the hot destination for surfers.

Watch Sir David's interview with Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson:

Jose Ramos-Horta

Sir David talks to Jose Ramos-Horta, the East Timorese president, about political survival
For 25 years the small country of East Timor was under the control of Indonesia. After a long and traumatic journey to independence, which cost the lives of at least 100,000 Timorese, East Timor became the world's newest nation in May 2002.

Earlier this year, in what the government called a thwarted coup, Jose Ramos-Horta, the Timorese president, was shot and badly wounded, and a state of emergency was declared.
President Ramos-Horta joins Sir David from Berlin and tells him how his life changed after the assassination attempt.

Beatriz Souviron

Beatriz Souviron, Bolivia's ambassador to the UK, talks about relations with the US
Political tensions are running high in Bolivia following the expulsion of the US ambassador to the country, after President Evo Morales accused Washington and its ambassador of plotting against him.

Morales' accusations follow a series of violent clashes between supporters and opponents of the left-wing president.

Sir David talks to Beatriz Souviron about the diplomatic expulsion and the current situation in Bolivia.

Watch Sir David's interviews with Jose Ramos-Horta and Beatriz Souviron:

Christopher Patten

Christopher Patten explains his views on the rise of Asian influence on the West
Christopher Patten discusses his new book, East and West: China, Power and the Future of Asia, and his views on the wider perception of the increasing strength of China.

Patten was the last British governor of Hong Kong, before the territory was handed back to mainland China in 1997.

He also addresses the major challenges facing the world in the 21st century – from global warming to the financial meltdown to peace in the Middle East.

Watch Christopher Patten's conversation with Sir David:

Darrell M West

Darrell M West of the Brookings Institution analyses the US vice-presidential debate
The US vice-presidential debate kept 60 million Americans glued to their television screens on Thursday night. 

Sarah Palin, the self-styled "pitbull with lipstick" sparred with the experienced but occasionally gaffe-prone Democrat, Senator Joe Biden. 

Sir David talks to Darrell M West, an expert in politics and mass media from the Brookings Institution in New York, about the candidates performances and the relevance and importance of the debate.

Debbie Purdy

Debbie Purdy, who has multiple sclerosis, discusses the implications of her legal case
This week, a landmark legal case was heard in London, where one woman is trying to ensure that her husband will not be prosecuted for helping her to travel abroad to end her own life.

Sir David talks to Debbie Purdy, who has multiple sclerosis, about assisted suicide and her legal battle.

Purdy is seeking clarification because she is considering travelling to Switzerland, where the practice of assisted suicide is legal.

Watch the interviews with Darrell M West and Debbie Purdy:

This episode of Frost over the World aired from Friday, October 3, 2008.

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