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Sir David Frost
Every week, Sir David Frost, one of the most celebrated broadcasters, offers you a programme which takes its stories and guests from every part of the globe.
The world's news makers will be interviewed with Sir David's incisive style; getting behind the headlines and examining the decisions and policies which shape global politics today.
Landmark interviews have always been a feature of Sir David's career.
Among the many world figures that he has interviewed are the seven most recent presidents of the United Sates, the six most recent British prime ministers, indeed the worlds most powerful from royalty to media superstars.
Every edition of Frost over the World features an interview with a leading world figure, discussions with specialists on news events and interviews with leading members of the arts and entertainment world.

In a weekly tour of the world's most pressing and fascinating subjects, Sir David will initiate a 'Global Conversation' among his guests which will include key voices from politics, current affairs, the arts and sport.

Coming up this week on Frost Over The World:
This week Frost Over The World discusses the kidnapping of BBC journalist Alan Johnston in Gaza, space tourism and the recent violence in North Africa.

Also on the show, Sir David Frost is joined by world famous author Ian McEwan to discuss his new book.
Gaza kidnapping

Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for
Ismail Haniya
It has now been just over a month since BBC journalist Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Gaza.
Despite repeated calls from the Palestinian Authorities for his release, it is still not known who is holding him and why.
Ghazi Hamad, the spokesman for Ismail Haniya, the Palestinian prime minister, joins Sir David Frost to reveal whether the authorities are any closer to discovering his whereabout or who is holding him and to discuss whether he is being used as a pawn between Gaza's warring factions.

Space Tourism

Anousheh Ansari
As the world's fifth space tourist, Charles Simonyi, flies above our heads in outer space, Sir David Frost is joined from Dallas by Anousheh Ansari, the Iranian/American company boss who became the first female space tourist last September.
He asks her whether the experience is really worth $20million - the alleged going rate for being taken up as part of the Russian space programme and how it felt to see the earth from space.
Anousheh spent ten days in space and now wants to become a 'space ambassador' to help as many people experience space as possible.

Ian McEwan
Ian McEwan
A fascinating discussion with the world famous author Ian McEwan, coinciding with the publication of his latest novel, On Chesil Beach.
McEwan explains why this book is different to some of his other darker novels and he talks about his own life, including meeting a brother he did not know he had until he was well into his fifties.
Violence in North Africa

John Alterman in Washington
and Zaki Chehab in London
This week bomb attacks in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, killed 23 people and injured more than 150.

Three suspected militants who blew themselves up on Tuesday in Casablanca in Morocco are thought to have been members of the same group as those behind the Algiers bombings - the Islamic Maghreb.

Sir David Frost is joined by John Alterman, a specialist in North African politics from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, in Washington and by Zaki Chehab, the political editor of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat, in London to discuss what this group wants, why there has been a surge in violence at this time and whether the group is really linked to al-Qaeda.

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