La Mer de Pianos
Behind the scenes at Fournitures Generales Pour Le Piano, the oldest piano shop in Paris.
Spirit of the House
A look at the deep relationship between Rodney Archer and his historic house in east London.
Keep Calm and Carry On
The story behind an iconic poster that was borne in World War Two.
Tax Dollars at War
An illustration breaks down how much US tax money is being spent on wars and the military.
City of the Dead
An Egyptian tour guide leads us through the neglected graves of al-Qarafa, where the living co-exist with the dead.
An Indian wrestler tells us about the beauty and discipline of the ancient fighting tradition known as Kushti.
Scared Sick
One woman gives an emotional account of her son's mental deterioration and her sadness over who he grew up to be.
The Root of Hunger
A young mother explains why she cannot afford to feed her six children in Guatemala.
A city-building social-network game becomes a metaphor for life for one Indian couple.
Moustache Brothers
Despite spending years in a labour camp, one comedy group from Myanmar is still using humour as a weapon of protest.
The Image Maker
Indian animation filmmaker Somnath Pal explains where he gets his inspiration from.
Sri Lanka's newspaper men explain how they overcame bans on ink and paper to report the news at the height of the war.
500,000 Euros
Pathological gamblers talk through their addictions in casinos and racetracks, immersing us in their irrational world.
Bog Snorkelling
Inside the bizarre world of Welsh bog snorkelling, where fancy dress-wearing swimmers have their moments of glory.
Lentils in Nepal
The simple pulse feeds the masses as food prices continue to rise.
One craftsman is determined to keep the history and tradition of Japanese human-like automata alive.
Cemetery People
More than 6,000 people live among the tombs of Manila's Navotas Cemetery in the Philippines.
A shifting culture
From a life of sustainability to one of economic dependency and uncertainty within the span of just a single generation.
Spring Movements
Justin Mashouf draws on the energy and emotion from the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.
Art of Patience
Japanese students learn and practice the ancient art of calligraphy in a small classroom in Tokyo.
Unforgiving Winter
In rural areas of Japan, the elderly are left alone and isolated during the cold winters.
Hot Dog
An animated rat tells us the humble history of the hot dog.
In the city of Tarragona, Spain, human tower builders gather to see who can build the most intricate human castle.
The Geisha
A modern-day Japanese girl transforms into a geisha in Kyoto.
Graffiti Taxi
Nairobi's colourful 'matatus' are central to the city's culture.
Sword Maker
Once considered divine, the centuries-old Taiwanese craft of sword-making is dying.
Visualising the US national debt: David McCandless updates Tetris for the recession.
The Seed
Natabar Sarangi's mission is to find, save and share his indigenous rice seed with local farmers.
Youssou N'Dour
The popular Senegalese musician waxes lyrical about life and learning.
Graphic Dreams
An artist who chose to be homeless in Chicago now spends his days drawing cartoons.
A Better Life
One family moves out from their village in search of a better life.
Slum Boy
As a child Djemba became one of the thousands of children who live hand to mouth on the streets of Kibera.
The Golden Temple
In one temple in India people come together in one of the largest free kitchens in the world.
A Cup of Tea
After decades of suffering from conflict, the future of Sri Lanka's tea industry looks optimistic.
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