Football Rebels
Didier Drogba and the Ivorian civil war
How the former Chelsea star and Ivory Coast forward used the power of football to end his country's civil war.
13 Mar 2013 11:56 GMT
Football 'unifying force'
Drogba ponders uncertain future
Drogba returns for Cote d'Ivoire
The dark side of ivory
The famous football player chose to abandon the French team to play for Algerian independence.
The Yugoslavian international player chose to start a multi-ethnic football school in a besieged Sarajevo.
The Chilean footballer paid the price for openly defying General Pinochet's dictatorship.
How Brazil's football legend turned every Corinthians' match into a political meeting for democracy.
About Football Rebels

Presented and narrated by former Manchester United star Eric Cantona, Football Rebels is a five-part documentary on five football legends whose social conscience led them to use their fame and influence to challenge unjust regimes, join opposition movements and lead the fight for democracy and human rights in their countries.

"Football is more than the opium of the people. It's about good intentions, noble hearts .... When your country's at war, your friends are killing each other and children are given rifles rather than footballs, so what if the whole world admires you! You have to act."

Eric Cantona

The power of football

Filmmaker Gilles Rof explains why he decided to take a closer look at some of football's unsung heroes.