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Shahnaz Pakravan
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Everywoman is a weekly magazine studio based show for women, presented by Shahnaz Pakravan.
It is an exciting mix of hard news and softer features - stories that have universal appeal with subjects as diverse and sensitive as religion, society, sex, education and arts, all from women’s perspectives.
On Everywoman we are uncompromising in our approach and dig deeper to uncover the stories that women want told.
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Dima Tahboub
When Al Jazeera journalist and broadcaster Tareq Ayyoub was killed by a US missile attack in Baghdad in 2003 his wife Dima Tahboub was told it was an unfortunate accident.
But as it transpired the US military had been aware of the co-ordinates of the Aljazeera building that they bombed thus calling into question their explanation that it was an ‘accident’. Dima has subsequently filed a lawsuit against the Bush administration for her husband’s death.
Everywoman went to Manchester to meet Dima who lives there with her five year old daughter. She tells us why she is taking on the Bush administration and why she believes she needs justice for her dead husband.
Shahnaz Pakravan is joined in the studio by attorney Hamdi Rifai, who is working on the case. He explains why there has never been an independent enquiry into the incident and what sort of outcome they are hoping for.
Shaimaa’s Scarf
Shaimaa Khalil was something of a wild child. A party girl and Hip-hop DJ she was living in Qatar when she decided she wanted to opt for a more conservative life. But even though she was reverting back to her Muslim roots she was adamant that she would continue as a DJ and above all had no plans to marry.
We filmed her shortly after she had taken the decision to put on the headscarf.
Well shortly after the film was completed at the end of 2006 Shaimaa got married and moved to the United Kingdom. We invited her into our London studios to find out why she had made so many changes to her life in a short space of time and ask her about the challenges she’s currently facing in her new life ……..

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