Women on the frontline of war
From Bosnia to Lebanon, Everywoman meets women endangering their lives to help others.
Last Modified: 02 Jul 2008 12:28 GMT
From Iran to Greenland, the women expressing themselves through their art.
Everywoman tells the story of one Bedouin woman and her struggle to survive.
Plus the woman building a safe place for children to play in Gaza.
We meet some aspiring female athletes as they look forward to the Olympics.
We look at the challenges Nepali women face now that the Maoists control Nepal.
This week we talk to women about the sometimes divisive issue of the veil.
A new Human Rights Watch reports says women in Saudi are treated like children.
This week on Everywoman, the US women who buck the trend and break the mould.
How do women deal with their families when their husbands get hooked on drugs?
We revisit China and the women who challenged male chauvinistic attitudes.
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