What Future for the Arab World?
Empire examines old and new forces dominating the political scene after the Arab revolutions.
Our guests examine the old, and new, forces dominating the political scene following the Arab Spring.
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Opinion17 Mar 2014 12:22 GMT
Syria's unprecedented human disaster renders nonsensical all talk about possible victory by either side of the conflict.
Opinion24 Dec 2013 09:06 GMT
Islamists have proven to be quite resilient in the face of existential threats.
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As revolutionary movements are crushed under the rubric of combating ‘terrorism’, Marwan Bishara and his guests analyse how Arab masses are squeezed once again between totalitarian autocracies and religious radicals.

As borders collapse and nations fragment, Empire travels to North Africa and the Middle East to analyse the shift from counter-revolution to the ‘war on terror’ and ask what it means to Arab nations.

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