Empire - Towards a Post Post-Cold War Era
Towards a post post-Cold War era
What is Moscow and Washington's endgame in Ukraine, and how could their strategies affect global security?
We cut through the hysteria and rhetoric surrounding Crimea to ask: What is Moscow's endgame?
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Opinion24 Mar 2014 06:15 GMT
Why the Cold War is NOT back and the hawks in Washington and Moscow need to shut up about its imminent return.
Opinion21 Mar 2014 08:08 GMT
In order to understand the conflict in Crimea, one has to know the history of the peninsula.
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From the riots in Ukraine’s Maidan Square to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, there were differing perceptions of the causes and consequences.

The US and EU saw the demonstrations as a Ukrainian people exercising their rights to embrace the freedom-loving West. But to Russia, it was a Western plot that was too close to the Russian motherland to be tolerated; yet another threat that a former Soviet Republic might be absorbed into NATO.

Russia took over Crimea, a piece of Ukraine that had often been part of Russia. The West said there would be costs and imposed sanctions on a handful of Russian individuals.

This month, Empire focuses on Eastern Europe and unpacks the issues surrounding the current crisis in the region. We cut through the rhetoric to separate fact from fiction, and ask if recent events mark the end of the post-Cold War era.

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