Empire: The Brief
The Brief: The Peace Process
Empire's exclusive documentary examines the history of the Middle East peace process and the US' role in it.
13 Sep 2013 12:25 GMT
The Peace Process: Never and Forever
Empire: The Debate
Twenty years after Israel and the PLO signed the Oslo Accords, we examine the US' role as broker in the peace process.
In Focus
Opinion13 Aug 2013 17:37 GMT
The Palestinians should insist on several major concessions before upcoming peace talks.
Opinion13 Aug 2013 11:00 GMT
The rhetoric surrounding the current round of peace talks is seemingly omitting a rather significant constituency.
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In the twenty years since the Oslo Accords were signed, we have seen countless initiatives, dozens of summits, seven agreements, yet there is no Middle East peace.
As the process is sponsored almost exclusively by the United States, Empire examines the role Washington has played.
Is it a fair and honest broker? Why is it so long on process and so short on peace? And will the latest round of the process lead to any agreement?

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