Empire - Iran and the US: Diplomatic Enrichment
Iran and the US: Diplomatic enrichment
Empire examines the complexities and big questions that lie ahead for US-Iranian relations.
30 Dec 2013 15:54 GMT
Read more about the guests featured in this month's episode on the Iran nuclear deal and its global implications.
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Opinion24 Nov 2013 09:35 GMT
What are the ramifications of Iran's deal with the West on Middle East politics?
Features29 Nov 2013 14:03 GMT
Agreement to limit enrichment and ease sanctions has stirred up discontentment among members of both major parties.
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As negotiations continue over six months to reach a comprehensive agreement, Empire tracks how Iran-US relations became mired in ideological hostility and the more recent diplomatic impasse over suspicion – at times alarmist – that Iran has been covertly working on a nuclear bomb, while Tehran insists its nuclear energy ambitions are peaceful. As sanctions on Iran have increased, so too have the technical capabilities of the country's nuclear program.

We examine the agreement and its ramifications through Iran and the US: Diplomatic enrichment, Empire uncovers the complexities and big questions that lie ahead.

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