Empire - America and al-Qaeda 3.0
America and al-Qaeda 3.0
We examine the resurgence of al-Qaeda in one of the world's most troubled regions and unpick the US' response.
Read more about the guests featured in this month's episode on the resurgence of al-Qaeda in the Middle East.
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Opinion19 Jan 2014 12:55 GMT
Saving Syria requires finishing off ISIL.
Opinion09 Jan 2014 13:08 GMT
Western apathy towards the suffering in the Middle East is immoral and politically short-sighted.
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As chaos, instability and violence engulf the greater Middle East, Empire examines the resurgence of al-Qaeda in one of the world’s most troubled regions and picks apart America’s response to an enemy once considered to be "on the path to defeat".

In America and al-Qaeda 3.0, we look at the causes and consequences of increasingly emboldened jihadist groups, we examine the policies of the United States, the retreat of political Islam, and we ask how political legitimacy survives in a region increasingly dominated by bloodshed.

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