As the Kremlin pursues Crimea, we look at how the crisis in Ukraine is affecting Russia's economy and what is at stake.
As tension continues in Ukraine, we analyse why the country remains economically torn between Russia and the EU.
As Zimbabwe's president turns 90, we examine the years of economic decline under Africa's longest-serving leader.
We look at the global immigration debate and examine whether foreigners are good for a country's economy, or a burden.
It has gone from being one of the world's wealthiest nations to a serial defaulter, but can it get back on track?
As emergency meetings take place and currencies feel the strain, we ask if this is the start of a new world order.
As world leaders meet at the World Economic Forum, we ask what it would take to lessen the divide between rich and poor.
Could legalising the drug really lead to less crime and more revenue for states and governments?
A look at the state of the Australian economy; counting coconuts in India; and the American war on poverty.
In a two-part special edition of Counting the Cost, we look back at some of the biggest business stories of the year.
Eurozone countries are finally emerging from recession, but have lessons been learned from the economic crisis?
Counting the Cost
We look at how the late South African president revitalised his country's economy and what has been squandered since.

On Counting the Cost