Can three comedians from Bosnia overcome the bitterness of the past to reunite and reconcile?
We explore the impact of our modern obsession with one of the world's oldest physical and spiritual practices.
A personal look at one woman's decision to freeze her eggs and the medical and financial implications of the procedure.
A creative exploration of architecture and human relationships with modern cities.
How is our need to be constantly connected impacting our lives and could a digital detox be the solution?
Through the story of one immigrant family, we explore the evolution of racism and migration in the US.
Season three
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About the series

In this special series of full-length documentaries, Al Jazeera presents a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of the network’s journalists. Travelling from India to America and from Bosnia to Doha, Al Jazeera’s correspondents explore subjects that touch on a diverse range of modern obsessions; digital technology, architecture and photography, yoga, the American dream, fertility, and the universal love of comedy.

Behind the scenes

Meet the Correspondents

Al Jazeera journalists recount the personal journeys that lay the foundations for their films.

The making of Al Jazeera Correspondent

Executive producer Farid Barsoum shares a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind the series.

The creative process

Filmmaker and producer Lynn Ferguson gives an insight into the making of an Al Jazeera Correspondent episode.


Behind the lens

Cameraman Ben Emery shares highlights from his four years working on the Al Jazeera Correspondent series.