Why We Run
Al Jazeera's Andy Richardson asks why people run, as he prepares for his first marathon... in the Antarctic.
23 Jan 2014 09:53 GMT
Running through volcanoes
I run because...
Running on ice
Al Jazeera's Matthew Cassel examines why so many American Jews defend Israeli policies regardless of the issue or cost.
A very personal look at the arguments surrounding the referendum for Scottish independence.
Kenya's ethnic Somalis have faced massacres and systematic intimidation, but can they now survive al-Shabab?
How did a secret German sect in Chile become a haven for Nazi fugitives and a torture centre for the Pinochet regime?
How the murder of a journalist in East Timor in 1999 impacted the life and work of Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen.
Stephanie Scawen takes us on a journey through life as a Multiple Sclerosis patient and tracks the search for a cure.
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In this special series of full-length documentaries, Al Jazeera reveals the passion, experience and insight of its journalists as they explore the events and stories they have experienced or reported on - stories for which they have a great passion or which have marked their lives and careers. From torture chambers in Chile to the Scottish Highlands our correspondents cross the globe as they take us on their personal journeys of discovery.