Activist - Roman Dobrokhotov

Roman, an activist, a PhD student and soon-to-be politician, is the founder and figurehead of the youth movement WE, a group which aims to defend civil rights and political freedoms in Russia.

A pro-democracy activist with his sights set on President Vladmir Putin, the Orthodox Church and far-right nationalists, Roman has been arrested 120 times. His actions – part performance art, part comedy and part political statement – are daring and entertaining but his cause is deadly serious.
Roman v Kremlin
Can an opposition activist in Russia successfully challenge the might of the country's president?
Last Modified: 20 Nov 2012 12:10 GMT
One man explains why he has decided to take on the authorities in a bid to stop Russia becoming an authoritarian state.
A filmmaker reflects on observing Russia's grassroots pro-democracy movement as those within it size up their next move.

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