Series 2
An award-winning Kenyan photojournalist who has put aside his camera to fight political corruption through his activism.
An activist who has dedicated his life to helping Mumbai's poor residents as they fight for their right to housing.
Branded a terrorist by the Chilean government, Pascual has become a symbol of the indigenous Mapuche movement.
Arrested, harassed and beaten - three Angolan activists continue to strive to create a movement to fight corruption.
Isayas is an Eritrean campaigning against discrimination faced by fellow African immigrants living in Israel.
Roman's actions are daring and entertaining but his cause is deadly serious.
Series 1
It is one of the most desirable brands on the planet, but one activist is taking it on over labour rights abuses.
One activist is speaking out against what he sees as the erosion of democracy in Venezuela, regardless of the risks.
There are two million undocumented young people in the US today; now one of them is fighting for their American dream.
Argentinean activists have already taken on and defeated a Canadian mining company, but their campaign is far from over.
Two young women are not only rescuing trafficked girls, they are transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow.
One activist has dedicated his life to challenging the complex religious and social divisions that threaten Pakistan.
A pro-democratic youth movement is spanning newly divided countries to challenge one of the world's most brutal regimes.
A tiny South Korean island is fighting back against a new naval base that they fear could put them in the line of fire.
A web exclusive interview with an opposition activist from Azerbaijan.