Activist - Isayas Taklebrhan

Isayas Taklebrhan is an Eritrean human rights campaigner living in Israel. As a refugee himself, Isayas is all too aware of the discrimination faced by Africans living in Israel. In a country where refugees are called 'infiltrators' and a 'cancer', Isayas is attempting to change the situation on the ground. He escaped Eritrea after being imprisoned and tortured and is now trying to gather support and build a network to improve the condition for those fleeing war torn countries. Isayas works tirelessly to organise sit-ins, marches and challenge the construction of the world's largest detention centre for refugees.
Israel: No Place to Go
Can Isayas help protect fellow African refugees in Israel from violence, discrimination and an uncertain future?
Last Modified: 13 Nov 2012 16:22 GMT
Can a passionate new group that is embracing novel forms of action fight racism in Israel?

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