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Terror in Mumbai 
What made the world's largest democracy so vulnerable to attack? 

Final forests
Looking at the ecological damage caused by logging on the Solomon Islands.

China food safety
China's melamine scandal has shaken consumer confidence across the world.

The Asian economy
Is Asia about to suffer its second major economic crisis in a decade?

Bangladesh's future
After nearly two years of emergency rule, Bangladeshis are about to go to the polls.

Jakarta in jeopardy
How years of rubbish dumping and overdevelopment is sinking Indonesia's capital.

Sinking standard 
Lax standards and poor equipment endanger the lives of Filipino ferry passengers.

East Timor's oil
The country is mired in poverty despite large oil and gas reserves.

Papua's Aids problem
The Indonesian province has infection rates up to 50 times the national average.

Indonesian morality
Why Balinese are taking issue with new Indonesian anti-pornography legislation.

Labour of love
Are overseas remittances helping or hurting the Philippines?

Saving Asia's apes
Will Borneo's Orangutans be sacrificed for economic progress?

Kidneys for sale
Investigating Singapore's plan to legalise the sale of kidneys for transplant.

War in Mindanao
101 East asks how warring sides can be brought to the negotiating table in Mindanao.

Bangkok blues
Anti-government protesters put the Thai prime minister under pressure.

Stateless in Sabah
A look at how the Malaysian government is clamping down on foreign migration.

China's challenges
With rapid social and economic change, what does China's future hold?

China and the Olympics
What does hosting the Olympic games mean for China and its people?

High world rice prices
With rice prices at a record high, Asian countries battle the global food crisis.

Cambodia's land grab
101 East looks at whether Cambodia is a country up for sale.

Malaysia's fuel crisis
What is the social and economic impact of rising fuel costs in Asia?

Asia's birth rates
How can Asia's economic powerhouses survive without more babies?

Golden triangle
101 East asks if Thailand can ever win the war against the drug barons.

Thai migrant labour
Looking at how the search for a better life can lead to hardship in Thailand.

Family power
Is the dominance of clan politics holding the Philippines back?

Indonesia impunity
Investigating whether a culture of impunity is embedded in Indonesia.

Myanmar referendum
We look at how the ruling junta is handling the country's worst natural disaster.

Olympic torch
How is China dealing with the pressure of protests in the countdown to the Games?

Korean stability
101 East looks at the stability of the Korean Peninsula and the prospects for peace.

Seeking justice
Examining the mass killings of 1971 and Bangladesh's quest for justice.

Mega cities
Indonesia's Jakarta is overwhelmed by people, traffic, pollution and rubbish.

Press freedom in China
Recent unrest in Tibet has raised questions about media freedom in China.

Truth in Aceh
Activists want a commission to investigate Indonesia's 30-year civil war.

Affirmative action
Penang plans to dismantle Malaysia's controversial New Economic Policy.

China's economy
Can China's economy ride out the global effects of the US economic slowdown?

East Timor
Will the rebel's death and the shooting of the president spur peace efforts in East Timor?

History wars
Why a documentary denies Japanese atrocities in China during WW2.

Philippines land grab
How farmers in the Philippines are fighting for their land.

Stem cell controversy
Thai hospitals offer a radical stem cell therapy not approved in the US or Europe.

Asian gambling
Is Asia's gaming boom causing an increase in gambling addiction?

Tribes of Borneo
101 East travels across the island spending time with different tribes.

Cambodia's foreign aid
101 East asks if international aid is harming Cambodia more than it is helping.

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Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
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Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
Grass-roots campaigns for female candidates are making an impact in India's first nationwide elections since 2009.
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