Thailand's Moken tribe foresaw and survived the 2004 tsunami, but are the traditions that saved them being abandoned?
We join an annual tribal dolphin hunt in the Solomon Islands and ask whether this ancient practice should be stopped.
Seasonal migration from Tajikistan to Russia is destroying families and leaving thousands to grow up without fathers.
We explore the plight of thousands of children working in the dangerous coal mines of India’s Meghalaya state.
We venture into the crime-ridden neighbourhoods of the Philippines to examine if a new law can get rid of gun violence.
Neglected and mistreated, endangered animals are dying inside Indonesia's disease-ridden Surabaya Zoo.
Is war looming as Japan strengthens its military power and tensions escalate over disputed East China Sea islands?
Indonesia is the world’s biggest tin exporter but for poverty stricken miners, the costs are deadly.
101 East takes a rare peek inside Yangon's most famous building, as Myanmar's colonial architecture is under threat.
We investigate the long-term effects of the 2011 tsunami, including a potential cancer threat for Fukushima's children.
China's youth are driving a booming trade in recreational drugs, turning neighbouring Myanmar into a meth lab.
Despite government claims of peace, torture and abductions continue to be used to stifle ethnic and political dissent.
Who is responsible after 23 Indian children died from eating tainted school lunches provided by the government?
As air pollution hits toxic levels, China counts the human cost of its rapid economic growth.
101 East travels to Tanauan, a town in the Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan, whose plight has gone largely unreported.
101 East asks if Chinese cinema is about to enter a golden age that will make it too lucrative for Hollywood to ignore.
101 East exposes an infamous wildlife trafficker at the helm of an illegal multi-million dollar business.
101 East explores the impact of a lost generation of leaders in Kandahar, an Afghan city known for its lawlessness.
Why does New Zealand have one of the highest rates of incarceration in the developed world?
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