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Slaving Away

We expose the dirty secrets behind Australia's fresh food industry and the widespread exploitation of foreign workers.

Papua New Guinea's Snake Man

We follow a reptile handler-turned-scientist in his quest to save thousands of people from deadly snakebites.

Southern Exposure

101 East visits Antarctica where an extraordinary international community live, work and play together. But can it last?

Afghanistan: No Country for Women

In war-torn Afghanistan it is not the Taliban that poses the greatest threat to women - it is their own families.

Taiwan's Secret Cancer

Cancer sufferers are taking on a company they say exposed them to toxic chemicals in a landmark class action lawsuit.

Saving Thailand's Animals

Can Thailand's new animal welfare laws curb cruelty inside lucrative tiger temples, elephant parks and wildlife parks?

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101 East

Nepal's Unsung Hero

101 East follows one man's mission to restore hope to survivors of Nepal's worst natural disaster in recent history.

Empire - The US & Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

After decades of tension and hostility between the two nations, has change finally come to US-Cuba relations?

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