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Malaysia's Woman Warrior

We follow the rise of Malaysia's first professional female mixed martial artist as she faces the fight of her life.

Denim Blues

The Chinese city of Xintang, known as the world's jeans capital, is home to an industry tainted by labour rights abuses.

Japan's stalking crisis

Stalkers are terrorising more and more women across the country, with 21,000 cases reported to police in 2013.

MH370: The Unending Search

One year after Flight MH370 vanished, 101 East investigates one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries.

Laos: Saviours of the Street

101 East examines what is driving the high number of fatal road accidents in Laos and Southeast Asia.

Cambodia's News Blackmailers

Hundreds of Cambodian journalists make a living by uncovering news and then extorting bribes to bury the story.

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