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Cambodia's News Blackmailers

Hundreds of Cambodian journalists make a living by uncovering news and then extorting bribes to bury the story.

The Last Reef on Earth

Can marine scientists in Indonesia save the world's oceans with a 3D map of the most biodiverse region on earth?

Truth or Lies: Somaly Mam

101 East talks to Cambodia's fallen anti-sex trafficking icon as she fights to restore her reputation and save her NGO.

Australia's Jihadis

101 East explores why so many young Australians are risking their lives on the brutal front lines of Syria and Iraq.

China's Home Invasion

As thousands of Chinese are hunting for their dream homes abroad, we investigate the impact of their shopping spree.

East Timor's Medics

101 East follows the doctors and patients at the heart of East Timor's health crisis.

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Solo mums

What drives single mothers in South Korea to abandon their babies?

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