Zouhir Al Shimale

Syria's Civil War

Syria's displaced: 'This Ramadan is full of grief'

Displaced Syrians in Idlib are experiencing a harsh Ramadan after being evacuated from their hometowns.


From Mosul to Raqqa: 'Our family is still suffering'

An Iraqi man shares his story of fleeing ISIL in Iraq and then in Syria, only to be stopped at the Turkish border.

Syria's Civil War

The case for: Can journalists be activists?

Activist-journalists in Syria inform international media about the war, and sometimes it is hard to leave views aside.

Battle for Aleppo

The harrowing evacuation of east Aleppo

Journalist Zouhir Al Shimale recounts his experience leaving the city, which was besieged for months by regime forces.

Middle East

Battle for Aleppo: 'The sound of bullets doesn't stop'

As the Syrian government army makes advances in east Aleppo, civilians say the situation is getting worse.

Battle for Aleppo

How much longer can east Aleppo hold out?

With hospitals destroyed, winter weather setting in and food running low, people in east Aleppo are running out of time.

Middle East

Aleppo: 'Most of the public schools are destroyed'

Intense shelling has postponed the start of the school year, raising fresh concerns over the state of Syrian education.

War & Conflict

Civilians caught up in Aleppo cluster bomb attacks

Images emerge showing remnants of widely proscribed cluster munitions scattered around civilian area of wartorn city.

Middle East

Life among barrel bombs for Aleppo's children

The psychological trauma of being trapped in a war zone will last long after the conflict ends, doctors say.

Middle East

Devastation reigns in Syria's Aleppo

Regime forces and opposition groups remain locked in battle in Syria's largest city, threatening peace talks.

Middle East

Free Syrian Army decimated by desertions

In Aleppo, the rebel group has weakened as fighters leave due to low pay, poor conditions and fragmentation.