Zeina Awad

Zeina Awad is an Al Jazeera correspondent for the award-winning Fault Lines current affairs programme. She is currently based in Washington DC. She's reported for news and current affairs from the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas


How the US abortion war fares globally

Why is a simple medical procedure being reframed as a deeply divisive moral issue in the US?


Murder as usual in Honduras

Daily life in the murder capital of the world.


The soldiers in America’s war on drugs

How the US is investing millions into security forces in Honduras, the country at forefront of America's war on drugs


Nailing the legal architects of crimes

Two films, from thousands of kilometres apart, are currently making the film festival rounds. Though they cover entirely different worlds, the issues they raise around indigenous people's quest for justice bring them closer together than you might think.

Middle East

Blush is off Syria's 'Rose of the Desert'

The love affair between the West and Syria's Asma al-Assad is now turning into a nasty divorce.


Voting in America: When is a Democracy not a Democracy?

Why new voting rules are pitting the Republican Party against community organisations across the US in what many are calling the new civil rights struggle.


On the front lines with female journalists

Practising journalism carries inherent risks, but female journalists still have to deal with gender-specific issues.

Arts & Culture

Palestine's sounds of music

Palestinian Youth Orchestra overcomes obstacles to amaze audiences at Lebanese festival.


West Bank bedouins to 'stay put'

Al Jazeera's Zeina Awad says they are determined to fight Israeli land seizures.


Reporter's diary: Obstacles in Gaza

Al Jazeera's Zeina Awad reports that factional disputes threaten reconstruction.


Hezbollah mystique undiminished

Young recruit tells Al Jazeera what makes the Lebanese movement popular.


Zimbabweans risk all for a new life

Dire economic conditions force many to take the perilous journey to South Africa.