Zein Basravi


ISIL fights to establish stronghold in Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence agencies have released names of 87 people wanted on charges of terrorism. More than half of them are thought to be members of ISIL.


Unrest as Pakistan-Afghan border cuts through tribal land

The disputed border that divides Afghanistan and Pakistan has become a flashpoint in recent months. Afghan troops recently shot and killed Pakistani soldiers and civilians from a census team.


Peshawar residents occupy power stations to protest against cuts

In many parts of Pakistan, the arrival of summer means severe power cuts as demand for electricity soars.


Yemen: Protesters march as US intensifies air strikes

The US is stepping up its fight against al-Qaeda in Yemen. It has conducted more than 30 air strikes over the past two days. And in the capital Sanaa, thousands of demonstrators have been marching in support of the Houthi rebel group.