Yvonne Ndege

"Yvonne Ndege is Al Jazeera’s West Africa correspondent based in Abuja, Nigeria. She spent 10 years at the BBC before joining Al Jazeera.

Yvonne was a co-recipient of a United Nations award for journalism in 2010."

Arts & Culture

Refugee crisis highlighted in Africa film festival

Drawing a global audience, Nigerian cinema highlighting issues close to the society's heart.


Ken Saro-Wiwa's widow talks about execution 20 years on

Maria Saro-Wiwa says she is proud of Nigerian environmentalist's fight against Royal Dutch Shell and for democracy.

Science & Technology

Nigerian tech sector's unfulfilled potential

Government urged to play a role - to overhaul school courses, create financial incentives and upgrade infrastructure.


Truth elusive in Nigeria oil spill probes

In southern Nigeria, citizens allege oil companies are influencing investigations of spills to avoid responsibility.


Guinea's election shelved yet again

Opposition says there are major problems with the electoral roll and accuses president's party of vote-meddling.


Guinea at a crossroad

People are patiently waiting for results from the first democratic parliamentary elections since its independence.


The rise of Nigeria's Boko Haram

An in-depth look at the shadowy group as violence continues to wrack the West African country's northeast.


Nigeria's state of emergency

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed in northern Nigeria, but many question whether peace will return to the region.


Nigerians flee government offensive in Borno

Thousands from Boko Haram's home state now live in wretched conditions in neighbouring Niger.


Nigeria's silent war on Boko Haram

Humanitarian organisations and media remain restricted in areas where fighting takes place against Boko Haram.


Nigeria's mobile phone blackout

Mobile phones across northeast Nigeria have been cut off for seven days.


Baby factory exposed in Nigeria

During raid in Imo State, police found young girls forced to become pregnant and give birth repeatedly.