Ylenia Gostoli


How Israel is targeting Palestinian institutions

Recent raid of Arab Studies Society's Jerusalem office highlights a long-standing problem, rights groups say.

Occupied West Bank

How Israel denies rights to Palestinian prisoners

The arrest of Birzeit University student Kifah Quzmar has highlighted the plight of thousands of Palestinians.


Israel-Europe gas deal sparks criticism

Palestinians living under occupation will 'continue to be further brutalised' by expansion of Israel's gas industry.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Basil al-Araj, Palestine activist, buried in West Bank

Hundreds of mourners gather in the West Bank for funeral of activist killed by Israeli forces.

Middle East

Basil al-Araj: Police break up protest over court case

Palestinian Authority police attack demonstrators at protest against controversial security coordination with Israel.


Jabal Mukaber faces Israel's collective punishment

Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood have been threatened with residency revocation after recent attacks.

Occupied West Bank

Palestinians decry West Bank industrial zone expansion

For years, Israel has increasingly taken control of Palestinian lands in Area C to build out its industrial zones.


Gaza's starman aims to fight occupation with science

Palestinian astrophysicist Suleiman Baraka wants to put Palestine on the map for research in the field.


Fatah holds congress amid Abbas' succession speculation

Analysts say the meeting is unlikely to deliver the new strategies needed to unite Palestinians and challenge Israel.


Israel slammed over its 'war on NGOs'

Instances of permit confiscation and lengthy interrogation by Israeli security are on the rise, says UN official.


Start-up aims to reshape aid structure for Palestine

Circumventing formal aid channels, BuildPalestine connects needy communities directly with individual donors.

Middle East

'Bad Palestinians' under Israel's collective punishment

Lieberman's "carrot-and-stick" policy includes punitive measures against communities that housed alleged attackers.