Yiannis Baboulias


Greek hard-right politicians in the dock for murder

Trial for right-wing Golden Dawn leaders accused of killing opponents gets under way after nearly two years of delays.


Greeks hit the streets in Syriza support

With debt negotiations under way, more than 10,000 Greeks expressed solidarity with their new leaders.


Exarchia: A space for urban resistance

Athens' Exarchia neighbourhood has preserved the memory of decades of resistance to state repression.

Human Rights

The new 'robocops' policing the poor

Police militarisation is driven by extreme inequality and it's a global issue.

Human Rights

A world built for the rich

Our cities are adapting to a new reality, from which the poor are forcibly exiled.

Business & Economy

Is there a war waged against British youth?

Disparaging youth is the order of the day in British politics.

Business & Economy

Our big fat Greek privatisation scandals

Is Greece's privatisation spree really a success story?