Yezid Sayigh

Yezid Sayigh is senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut.

Middle East

How far is Russia willing to go in Syria?

Russia seems intent on a political solution in Syria but it will have to press Assad harder to accept it.

Arab Spring

Who made the Arab Spring into an Arab crisis?

The violence sweeping across the Arab world isn't a consequence of the Arab Spring, but of decades of dictatorship.

War & Conflict

Reconstructing Syria: The need to break the mould

When the time comes, new approaches to economic reconstruction are needed in Syria.


Arab Spring: Unreformed policing hampers transitions

Divergences over an acceptable social order, moral economy, and shared national identity have become fundamental.

Poverty & Development

Smarter assistance for Syrian refugees

A new framework for assistance that focuses on changing incentive structures for both refugees and hosts is needed.

War & Conflict

The need for Arab police reform

Counterterrorism can be truly effective only through accountable, legitimate and professional policing.