Yermi Brenner

@yermibrenner reports on international affairs in Europe and the Levant, focusing mostly on migration issues. Contact him at: yermibrenner@gmail.com.


Rejected by Israel, Eritreans find shelter in Germany

About 30,000 Eritreans live in Israel, where a dangerous voluntary resettlement plan is being criticised.


Germany: Roma march against asylum-seeker crackdown

Demonstators protested against increasing deportations of West Balkan asylum applicants, many of whom are Roma.


Germany's BDS movement and the paradox of anti-Semitism

BDS supporters in Berlin say Germans fear criticising Israel and being perceived as anti-Semitic due to legacy of WWII.


Thousands of refugees turn out for German jobs fair

More than 4,000 jobseekers attend Berlin event, which aims to help integrate asylum seekers by finding them employment.


Refugees take on struggles at major meeting in Germany

Hamburg conference is the first attempt by refugees in Europe to self-organise across borders and create solidarity.


A refugee stalemate: When an asylum claim is rejected

With his asylum application rejected by Germany, a refugee from Somaliland waits to see what will become of him.

Human Rights

Balkan asylum seekers fear deportation from Germany

In 2015, the number of asylum applicants from the conflict-free region surpassed those from Syria and Afghanistan.

Human Rights

Refugees in Croatia cook their way into inclusion

Aiming to ease integration, a new initiative in Croatia is bringing refugees and locals together.

Human Rights

Refugee: Safe but lonely, seeking asylum in Germany

Somali migrants seek asylum in Europe, hesitantly leaving behind their families and their conflict-torn homeland.


Welcoming Croatia shunned by refugees

Amid high unemployment, the EU's newest member state saw a 58-percent decrease in asylum claims last year.

War & Conflict

Sweden to the rescue of fleeing Syrian families

Stockholm's humane refugee policy allows family reunification for Syrians escaping the deadly conflict back home.

War & Conflict

Israel targets rising critical opinion in Germany

As celebrations kick off marking 50 years of diplomacy, an increasing number of Germans are expressing negative views.