Yehia Ghanem


Walking into a trap: How I ended up on trial in Egypt

When he was offered a role with an international NGO, journalist Yehia Ghanem had no idea it would land him in court.


A belated victory for Egypt's 'golden general'

The fates of Hosni Mubarak and General El-Shazly collided in Tahrir, with one honoured in death and the other disgraced.


Egypt: Mediating between regime and revolutionaries

During the revolution, journalist Yehia Ghanem found himself in the middle of crunch meetings with the prime minister.


A bullet between the eyes: Memories of Tahrir Square

An Egyptian war correspondent recalls some of the most critical moments in the Egyptian revolution, as seen from Tahrir.


Setting history alight: Revolution and history in Egypt

From Jeeps running over protesters to a museum being set alight, Yehia Ghanem recalls key moments in Egypt's revolution.


Egypt: Stopping a massacre at a newspaper

During the Egyptian revolution, demonstrators marched on Al-Ahram threatening to burn it down, I knew I had to stop them

Human Rights

An Egyptian childhood: 'One day, I'd like to be free'

Egypt's revolution was led by those for whom freedom was not a given but a dream.


Living dangerously: Egypt's unfinished revolution

"The revolution will begin and I know you won't want to miss it," Mohamed whispered, urging me to go to Tahrir Square.


George Bush and Hosni Mubarak's make-believe reforms

How a push for democracy in Egypt was railroaded by the dictatorship.


A confession on the 4th of July

Egyptian war correspondent Yehia Ghanem reflects on political repression in Egypt.


An election observer who had never voted

'When I was told to oversee the first post-war elections in Bosnia, it made me hunger even more for democracy in Egypt.'


From Mohamed to Mordechai: Waiting for a new generation

The story of two boys - an Egyptian and an Israeli - united in their convictions but separated by circumstances.