Wladimir van Wilgenburg

War & Conflict

Yazidis long for home as Sinjar operation stalls

Political differences between Kurdish parties have indefinitely postponed efforts to retake the area from ISIL.

Middle East

Syria's Kurdish parties: Don't go to Europe

Kurdish leaders fear mass exodus from Syria will cause major demographic changes in areas they control.

Middle East

Iraq's Kakais: 'We want to protect our culture'

Iraq's Kakai religious minority is taking up arms against ISIL.

War & Conflict

Kobane and the myth of ISIL expansion

Kurdish victory in Kobane does not mean the battle against ISIL is over.

War & Conflict

Kurdish rivals unite to fight Islamic State

PKK forces have joined the fighting in Iraq, a move some say could boost tension between Turkey and Iraqi Kurds.

Humanitarian crises

Iraqi Yazidis: 'If we move they will kill us'

Surrounded by Islamic State fighters, members of the Yazidi religious minority fear an onslaught of violence.