William Roberts

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Warnings of strife as Israeli PM embarks on US visit

Obama and Netanyahu seek to repair relations amid continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence.

War & Conflict

US steps up anti-ISIL action with special forces plans

New willingness by President Obama to take on greater risk in the Middle East met with scepticism among US lawmakers.


US: Democrats clash over forward path on foreign policy

In the first party debate, Clinton and Sanders go head-to-head over the best way to tackle ISIL, Russia, and Syria.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: America's longest war looks to get longer

As the battle over Kunduz rages, US may be forced to extend troop deployment after 14 years of warfare with the Taliban.

War & Conflict

Syria's brutal civil war to top US-Russia agenda

With Russian military entering Syria, is cooperation on the table as Obama meets Putin at the United Nations?


Dust settles on US struggle over Iran nuclear deal

Despite political defeat, Republican hardliners continue to target President Obama and historic agreement with Tehran.


Riyadh 'satisfied' with US assurances on Iran deal

Saudi FM says leaders of the two countries have agreed on ways to counter Iran's "negative activities" in the region.


Between war and peace: Lobbying US Congress on Iran

Heated lobbying from supporters and opponents as United States Congress prepares to vote on Iran nuclear deal.


Iran nuclear deal tough sell for US Congress

As the self-imposed June 30 deadline looms, world powers work to strike a nuclear deal with Iran.


Spying, lying, and the end of the US Patriot Act

Controversial mass surveillance law ends, but it remains to be seen if Americans' digital privacy will return.


Analysis: What does the Iran nuclear deal mean?

With a deal on Iran's nuclear programme, US opens door to new policy era in the Middle East.


Israel, Iran, and the struggle for US favour

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu delivers anti-Iran speech - but which way will Washington sway?