William Roberts

United States

US Senate narrowly approves $500m Saudi weapons sale

Critical lawmaker highlights 'humanitarian nightmare' in Yemen war as reason not to transfer $500m in bombs to Riyadh.

Middle East

US senators push for strategy amid Qatar-Gulf crisis

American legislators express concern over intensifying dispute in the Middle East after embargo slapped on Qatar.

Saudi Arabia

Questions raised over $110bn arms deal to Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump green-lighting weapon sales withheld by Obama over concerns about Saudi Arabia's conduct of war in Yemen.

United States

Decoding Donald Trump's foreign policy

US president's engagement with the rest of the world a mix of 'America First', domestic pandering and ego.

Middle East

Donald Trump's Middle East visit: What to expect

Saudi Arabia arms deal, Syria's war and Arab-Israeli peace set to top agenda of Trump's first foreign trip as president.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Warnings of strife as Israeli PM embarks on US visit

Obama and Netanyahu seek to repair relations amid continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence.

War & Conflict

US steps up anti-ISIL action with special forces plans

New willingness by President Obama to take on greater risk in the Middle East met with scepticism among US lawmakers.


US: Democrats clash over forward path on foreign policy

In the first party debate, Clinton and Sanders go head-to-head over the best way to tackle ISIL, Russia, and Syria.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: America's longest war looks to get longer

As the battle over Kunduz rages, US may be forced to extend troop deployment after 14 years of warfare with the Taliban.

War & Conflict

Syria's brutal civil war to top US-Russia agenda

With Russian military entering Syria, is cooperation on the table as Obama meets Putin at the United Nations?


Dust settles on US struggle over Iran nuclear deal

Despite political defeat, Republican hardliners continue to target President Obama and historic agreement with Tehran.


Riyadh 'satisfied' with US assurances on Iran deal

Saudi FM says leaders of the two countries have agreed on ways to counter Iran's "negative activities" in the region.