William G Moseley


Female farmers suffer most in Southern Africa drought

Uneven access to water makes household farming questionable for delivering food security in the African context.

Poverty & Development

The dark alliance of global philanthropy and capitalism

It's a problem if endowment investments generate the very poverty foundations are trying to alleviate.

Poverty & Development

Africa's entrepreneurial dilemma

In some cases, entrepreneurship deepens divides in African societies by aiding those who least need assistance.


Climate change and female farmers in Botswana

Poorer Botswana citizens struggle with increasingly unreliable rain-fed agriculture.

US & Canada

The limits of new social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship remains blind to the structural difficulties that the poorest of the poor face.


Artisanal gold mining's curse on West African farming

Artisanal gold mining is risky and leads to labour shortages in small scale farming.

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Graduation advice for aspiring humanitarians

Graduates hoping to embark on an international humanitarian career should not do it to 'save the world'.

Business & Economy

Why we get fat?

Urbanisation and the proliferation of supermarkets contribute to the fast growing obesity rates.


No food for the poor: Malthus and Republican ideologues

Motivating the poor through hunger has a long and sordid history.


Sri Lanka's tropical beaches: A development trap?

Due to shifting coastlines, sustainable and environmental measures are vital in planning ecotourism initiatives.

US & Canada

The real solution to South Africa's food problem

Government's strategy to encourage supermarkets in poor, urban neighbourhoods is inherently limited, says new study.

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Crossing the Sahara in a different era

The world's biggest desert is now a virtual war zone, but its history is more peaceful than often assumed.