Wayne Hay

"Wayne Hay has been covering the Asia/Pacific region since 2001, first with Television New Zealand before joining Al Jazeera English in 2006.

In his role at Al Jazeera, he has travelled the region extensively, reporting on everything from elections and natural disasters to surfing in Bali. More recently he covered the flooding caused by Typhoons in the Philippines and the earthquake in Padang, Indonesia in 2009. He was also given the rare opportunity to report from North Korea."

Asia Pacific

China's Muslim Uighurs look to cash in on 'New Silk Road'

Chinese officials say the country’s "One Belt, One Road" initiative will start a new wave of globalisation, bringing prosperity to all those involved.

Asia Pacific

N Korea tension dominates Pence’s Japan visit

US Vice President Mike Pence says there has to be a new approach to dealing with North Korea. He is in Tokyo where trade was supposed to be the focus of his meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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Thailand: Karen refugees return home amid ceasefire deal

Around 70,000 mainly ethnic Karen refugees live in camps after fleeing civil war and persecution in Myanmar. The Thai government says it will ask them all to go back, but won’t force them. Many have already returned home.

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Thai king endorses military-backed constitution

Thailand's monarch has endorsed a new constitution in the first step back towards democracy after a 2014 military coup.

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Myanmar fighting takes toll on Shan State civilians

More rebel groups in Myanmar have signalled they will sign a ceasefire deal with the government. But the groups that are fighting in Shan State are not included in the talks. The violence is continuing to take a toll on the community.


Myanmar's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has lost her voice

Many people say they are beginning to lose faith in Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership.

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Myanmar's child soldiers reunite after 16 years

Two former rebels in Myanmar have been reunited in their homeland for the first time since giving up their armed struggle 16 years ago.

Asia Pacific

Vietnam rethinks contentious two-child policy

Law restricting most families to two children faces criticism for putting pressure on nation's ageing population.

Asia Pacific

Vietnam looks to boost trade with China

China is leading talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a trade pact including Southeast Asian nations.

Asia Pacific

Vietnamese fishermen defy South China Sea ban

Vietnam has condemned a Chinese fishing ban on parts of the South China Sea. It includes waters near the Paracel islands, claimed by both countries. Some Vietnamese fishermen say they will ignore the ban.


Thai temple standoff, thousands refuse to leave

A tense standoff continues at a Buddhist temple outside the capital Bangkok. Police and soldiers have surrounded the complex demanding the former abbot turn himself in to face corruption charges.


Dhammakaya temple and Thailand's saffron resistance

A massive search for the former abbot of a temple who is wanted to face charges could spark a battle between old political rivals.