Virginia Lopez


Venezuela: Oil shock and economic catastrophe

Oil has permeated every aspect of Venezuelan life since pumping began in 1914, but mismanagement has fuelled a crisis.


Venezuelan police accused of abuses in gang crackdown

Police raids in poor areas during anti-crime initiative lead to allegations of "serious abuses", rights groups say.


Venezuela's crisis reflected in island's problems

Residents of Toas endure water and power shortages as part of decline in quality of life due to deteriorating economy.


Price controls fuel illegal trade in Venezuela

Government subsidies blamed for spawning illegal lines of business as Maduro government grapples with economic slowdown.

Business & Economy

Venezuela's economic crisis worsens as oil prices fall

Citizens of oil-rich country feeling the effects of many economic challenges, especially hyper inflation.


Venezuelans losing hope as gridlock looms

Government seen as seeking to block opposition’s supermajority and "cheat" its way into amassing more powers.

Latin America

Venezuela reflects on Chavez era ahead of election

Sunday's election is unlikely to end Bolivarian revolution, but it might force embattled political class to negotiate.