Vincenzo Floramo

Human Rights

Myanmar fighting spurs mass displacement

The country's political reforms have not shielded remote communities from being devastated by ongoing conflicts.

Human Rights

Pakistani LGBT community's fight for rights

Transgender people are often found living at the margins of society with low social status and few job opportunities.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: Bangkok nightlife after curfew

Though the army has imposed a curfew since taking control, a party atmosphere prevails along Bangkok's Khaosan Road.

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In Pictures: Thai anti-coup protests escalate

Thousands of protesters have converged on Bangkok to oppose the army's sweeping takeover.

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In Pictures: Thais react to military coup

Thailand's military coup and imposed curfew have divided the population and drawn international condemnation.

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In Photos: Celebrating Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam

Sixty years ago the Viet Minh defeated the French in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, an event still celebrated today.

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In Pictures: Myanmar's opium hotspot

A rebel militia in Myanmar's Shan state has been cracking down on drug production.

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In Pictures: Bangkok shut down by protests

Scenes of a carnival atmosphere as thousands of people rally in Thailand's capital in a bid to overthrow the government.

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In Pictures: Myanmar's independence day

As the peace-process progresses, rival factions join hands in celebrating Myanmar's independence day.

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In pictures: Bangkok protests

Bangkok has been struck by huge anti-government demonstrations targeting ministry buildings.