Victoria Schneider

Middle East

Egypt's siege on Gaza: 'Rafah opens only for the dead'

Palestinians continue to suffer a year after Egypt tightened its severe blockade on Gaza in coordination with Israel.


A Syrian family's journey to a new life in Germany

Thanks to an innovative relocation programme, the Alameens' lives have changed dramatically after fleeing the war.


The heavy toll of coal mining in South Africa

South Africa's coal-powered energy sector brings environmental devastation despite legal regulations.

Business & Economy

Crippling blackouts paralyse South Africa

Small business owners and the public are suffering as old electricity infrastructure means hours a day without power.


Malema woos South Africa's poor ahead of vote

Controversial former ANC youth leader is attempting to capitalise on anger from poor blacks ahead of May 7 election.


Silicosis: The curse of Lesotho's miners

A legacy of injustice and an under-resourced healthcare system has led to generations of workers becoming gravely ill.


Tanzania's gold rush and housing crush

Villagers say mining has polluted water and destroyed homes, but Canadian firm denies all charges.

US & Canada

Arandis: The uranium capital of the world

Former workers at the vast mine in the Namibian desert allege they are suffering from radiation-related illnesses.

South Africa

Is the white-right in South Africa a threat?

Recent sentencing of extremist coup plotters highlights right-wing's discontent.


South Africa bears down on al-Shabab

After Kenya attack, authorities are ramping up investigations into the expat Somali community.


Israelis flock to Berlin for better life

Young immigrants find the German capital to be hip and cheap - and still contains traces of its Jewish past.