Venetia Rainey


Does Geert Wilders really matter?

He is unlikely to form a government, so why is he getting so much attention and what do the Dutch think of him?

Syrian Refugees

Dire conditions for Syrian refugees on Jordan's border

Refugees in "the berm" area face new challenges amid advent of harsh winter weather.


Lebanon set for new presidential era

Surprise deal supporting leadership of Michel Aoun is expected to end a lengthy stalemate over the country's top office.

Middle East

Coding classes open new doors for Syrian refugees

Refugee Code Week aims to train more than 10,000 people across the Middle East in much-needed IT skills.

Middle East

Boycotting Israel in Lebanon: 'A lot more to be done'

Activists have launched an app enabling people to instantly check if a product is made by a company supporting Israel.

Middle East

Lebanon: Civil groups seek change in local elections

With Lebanon's municipal elections due next week, civil society groups say it will "shake up" the old system.


New rallies in Lebanon over months-old rubbish crisis

Thousands call for government to resign over failure to solve crisis triggered by closure of main landfill last summer.

Child rights

Growing up as a refugee: 'I missed my childhood'

For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, child marriage and child labour are often a harsh reality.

Middle East

Bringing Beirut's museum scene back to life

In a country wrecked by divisions, two newly opening museums offer Lebanese a chance to reflect on shared heritage.


South Lebanon's only Jewish cemetery gets a face-lift

An anonymous donor is funding efforts to restore a rundown Jewish cemetery in the city of Saida.

Arts & Culture

Q&A: Calligraphy meets street art in Beirut

Artist Yazan Halwani has adorned the walls of Beirut with portraits of local heroes and artists.

Arts & Culture

The battle for Beirut's skyline

Activists struggle to save what remains of Beirut's architectural heritage.