Valerie Plesch

US Elections 2016

Kosovar Hillari: 'I hope Hillary Clinton will win'

In Kosovo, where the Hillary boutique sells red and blue pantsuits, Kosovars explain why they are with Clinton.

US Elections 2016

Kosovo shops celebrate Hillary Clinton and her style

As the US heads into Super Tuesday, the family-run "Hillary" boutiques are a symbol of Kosovar support for Clinton.


Life near coal mines: Kosovo's dying villages

In Kosovo’s coal country, residents living in the polluting shadows of two power plants may soon contend with a third.

Poverty & Development

Crisis on Nepal-India border as blockade continues

Three million Nepalese children under the age of five are at risk of death due to a shortage of fuel, food and medicine.

Women Make Change

On the road with Kosovo's first female president

An intimate portrait of Atifete Jahjaga, the 40-year-old president determined to help survivors of wartime rape.

War & Conflict

A painful wait to bury Kosovo's war victims

Remains of missing massacre victims killed during the 1998-99 conflict finally given a proper burial by their families.


Running battles in the streets of Kosovo

Anti-government protests turn violent in Pristina just one month after a new coalition administration takes office.


Saving Buddhist statues: Afghanistan's big dig

Ancient statues and other artifacts are buried under Mes Aynak - and so is a $40bn copper mine.