Valerie Hopkins

Poverty & Development

Shutka: Inside Macedonia's only Roma-run municipality

A locality on the outskirts of the Macedonian capital Skopje is a rare outpost of Roma autonomy and security

Human Rights

Roma in Kosovo: 'My children are poisoned by lead'

Roma who were placed in improvised UN camps after the war in Kosovo say they still suffer the legacy of lead poisoning.


78 days from Srebrenica

Elvir Hafizovic was 16 when he fled Srebrenica under the cover of darkness. He would spend the next 78 days in hiding.

Human Rights

Srebrenica: Unearthing loss

As Srebrenica's anniversary nears, tensions remain high and morale low, despite signs of hope.


Kosovo: Sufi mystics and a piercing 200-year tradition

Religious practice involves ceremonial dancing, singing and body piercing - which are not allowed in mainstream Islam.