Umika Pidaparthy

Umika Pidaparthy is an online producer with Al Jazeera English, currently on the Central and South Asia desk. She has covered stories in India, recently on the 2014 elections from the southern state Andhra Pradesh, and in North America. She focuses on technology, science, popular culture and off-beat stories.


Picking up the pieces in India after Cyclone Hudhud

Six-months later, survivors are struggling to rebuild amid a lack of promised government compensation.


Indian ads urge Parsi community to reproduce

Twitter reacts to media campaign offering advice to couples from shrinking minority to have more children.

Human Rights

Twitter reacts to Nobel Peace Prize win

Joint award for activists Malala and Satyarthi fast becomes a top trending topic, sparking congratulations and debate.

Science & Technology

Timeline: India's space missions

Al Jazeera looks at past achievements of Indian space agency ISRO which is being hailed for successful Mars mission.

Science & Technology

Infographic: India's mission to Mars

Mangalyaan satellite enters red planet's orbit making India first Asian country to achieve this feat.

Humanitarian crises

South Asia's response to #IceBucketChallenge

Reactions to ALS donation campaign range from positive to critical, to some morphing it into their own cause.


Nepal's journey from war to peace

A new book looks at Himalayan nation's decades of political change and difficult transition from monarchy to democracy.


India's twin states part ways with discord

Sharing resources between Telangana and parent state of Andhra Pradesh becomes sore point as bifurcation is completed.

Poverty & Development

In Pictures: Bustling Indian farmers' market

Initiative to cut out middlemen and tackle rising food prices reaps rewards in newly divided Andhra Pradesh state.


India's Seemandhra votes for fresh start

People in soon-to-be-divided Andhra Pradesh state, angry at bifurcation, look forward to a better future.


India election coverage map

Al Jazeera reporters travel across this South Asian country as it holds world's biggest polls spread across nine phases.

Arts & Culture

Interactive: Oscars celebrate world cinema

The international influence of the year's previous award ceremonies are no guarantee of Oscar glory.