Tristan Dreisbach

Middle East

Tunisia's Ennahda sets sights on parliament

Country's most powerful party will not run a presidential candidate, focusing instead on upcoming parliamentary vote.


Tunisian security forces denied suffrage

Tunisians are divided on whether to lift a long-standing voting ban for members of the army, police and national guard.

Business & Economy

Small Tunisian firms struggle to turn profits

Entrepreneurs in the country face a number of challenges, from currency restrictions to state banks wary of new ideas.

Middle East

Tunisia gives Roman artefact back to Algeria

The 300kg Gorgon Mask was allegedly stolen from Algeria 20 years ago during the country's civil war.

Business & Economy

Revealing Tunisia's corruption under Ben Ali

New World Bank report shows how Tunisia's ousted Ben Ali regime tailored laws to enrich cronies at the public's expense.


Suicide attack tests Tunisia's transition

Another suicide bombing brings fresh concerns about Tunisia's security and stability.