Tracey Eaton

Fidel Castro

Cuban leader Fidel Castro's mixed legacy

Supporters saw Fidel Castro as a tireless defender of the poor; critics say he drove his country into economic ruin.


Cuban activists feel abandoned amid US rapprochement

Pro-democracy activists in Cuba worry that re-establishment of diplomatic ties will reduce US support for them.

US & Canada

The politics of American fugitives in Cuba

Decades ago Cuba gave asylum to dozens on the run - mostly African-Americans - and now the US wants them back.

US & Canada

Cubans celebrate news of US-Cuba thaw

Havana residents paraded through the streets upon learning ties with arch foe the US will normalise after 50 years.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: Cuba's revolutionary museum

Cuban fighter has built a museum to honour those who took part in the July 26, 1953 attack that marked the revolution.