Tony Birtley


Afghan refugees in dilemma over European offer

Germany gives cash incentives to those who will return to Afghanistan but only a few have accepted the deal.


Gaddafi's servant recounts final days

Mansour Iddhow, a member of Muammar Gaddafi's inner circle, explains the events that led to the Libyan leader's death.


No welfare for Sri Lanka's Tamils

Misery continues for refugees held in prisons government calls "welfare camps".


Bangladesh's long wait for justice

Culprits go unpunished for deaths of 3m people during struggle for independence.


Bhutan's wary path to people power

Election marks latest step in gradual plan to modernise ancient kingdom.


Minefield for China coal workers

Country's bright future clouded by deadly industry powering its growth.

Asia Pacific

China remembers Nanjing

Ceremonies mark 70th anniversary of massacre that killed up to 300,000 Chinese.

Asia Pacific

Vietnam's abandoned children

Poverty forces thousands of mothers to hand babies to orphanages.


Sri Lanka's Black Tigers

What drives women suicide bombers to die for their cause?

Asia Pacific

Team Guam's glum record

The national side has never won a single match in 12 years of international football.


US building up Guam base

Local residents fear for their safety as the US turns Guam into a military hub.


Sri Lanka battles Tigers at sea

The navy faces Tamil Tiger suicide attacks as it patrols the island's waters.