Tommy Trenchard

Battle for Mosul

The battle for western Mosul

As fighting continues between Iraqi forces and ISIL fighters, civilians have been fleeing the city in droves.


Cataracts in Zanzibar, one boy's journey towards sight

Low-cost, easily treatable and preventable conditions cause blindness for millions of people worldwide.


Uganda: Onchocerciasis-river blindness along the Agogo

Transmission of disease occurs in only 9 of 36 Ugandan districts since eradication efforts began.


Animation: The fly catchers fighting river blindness

Meet the Ugandan men eliminating river blindness one fly at a time.


Guineans remember rape and murder at stadium massacre

Seven years ago, 156 people were killed at an anti-government rally. Now Guineans want justice and reconciliation.

Middle East

'Either you join ISIL or you challenge them'

Nearly two years after being liberated from ISIL, the Iraqi town of Saadiya is struggling to rebuild.


Disney movie sparks a chess boom in Uganda

Katwe is one of the largest slums in Uganda and the scene of an unlikely chess revolution.


Inside Greece's resurgent anarchist movement

We go inside Greece's resurgent anarchist movement as it seeks to show that it is about more than just violence.


Deadly clashes flare ahead of Guinea election

Tensions rise as opposition alleges vote-rigging ahead of Sunday's vote in the troubled West African nation.

Arts & Culture

Sierra Leone's layers of history

A past filled with historical memories slowly crumbles away on a forgotten island in Sierra Leone.


Education falls prey to Ebola in Sierra Leone

Amid lingering disease fears and economic fallout, most children have stayed away from recently reopened schools.


Sierra Leone: Back to class after the Ebola outbreak

Students remain hesitant to attend recently reopened schools after the deadly spread of Ebola.