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Remembering the victims of Egypt's Rashid tragedy

The 'Rashid tragedy' last September claimed the lives of more than 200 people seeking to cross the Mediterranean.

Syria's Civil War

Is the PLO helping or harming Palestinians in Syria?

Critics accuse the PLO of failing to protect or financially support Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria.

Syria's Civil War

Besieged South Damascus 'wants truce not war'

The last rebel-held districts near Damascus are under increasing pressure by the Syrian government to give up for good.

Syria's Civil War

The unravelling of Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Analysts say the Syrian government is planning an operation to either remove or disarm rebel fighters.

Middle East

Facing the mirror: Filmmaker records exile in Beirut

The work of Syrian filmmaker, Saeed al-Batal, explores the feeling of never knowing when – or if – you will return.

Middle East

No easy answers for Syrian students in Lebanon

An estimated 250,000 Syrian refugee children in the country are not in formal schools, aid organisations say.

Middle East

New programme offers aid to Syrian amputees

The Human Hope Team helps to connect injured Syrians in Eastern Ghouta with ever-declining medical resources.

Middle East

Abdullah al-Khateeb: Fighting to tell Yarmouk's story

Despite a recent assassination attempt, Palestinian activist continues to document life under siege in Syria.

Middle East

Conflict within a conflict: Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud

The northern neighbourhood has formed a key strategic pressure point for the various groups vying for control of Aleppo.

Middle East

Reporting Syria: 'There's a direct threat for everyone'

Attempts to silence Syrian journalists and activists continue unabated by the regime and armed rebel groups.

Middle East

Syria's civil war: On Syria's forgotten detainees

Syrian activists demand answers on the fate of thousands of detainees languishing in regime and opposition prisons.

Middle East

Hadi al-Abdallah: The man documenting Syria's Civil War

Syrian activist and journalist tells Al Jazeera what life is like in and around Aleppo after the truce.