Tom Kutsch

US Elections 2016

What powers will Donald Trump have as president?

A Trump administration could put at risk agreements Obama negotiated, including the Iran deal and Paris climate accord.

US Elections 2016

Will Trump’s candidacy help Democrats in Congress?

Trump scandals have put many Republicans in a difficult place, affecting the party's chances in the legislature.

Human Rights

Death penalty in US: New Mexico defies nation's mood

While New Mexico thinks about reinstatement, public support for capital punishment across the US is on the decline.


US political duelling ahead of 'torture report'

Techniques such as waterboarding and sleep deprivation were widely used by the CIA during the George W Bush years.


Nigeria's missing girls

Three weeks after the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls, protests have erupted against perceived state fecklessness.


US still biggest world military spender

Despite cuts, US remains world's largest single military spender, with more than a third of total global expenditures.


Interactive: US interventions post-Cold War

The proposed US military strike on Syria would be the latest in a long list of overseas intrusions.