Tom Hussain

Tom Hussain is a journalist and Pakistan affairs analyst based in Islamabad.


FATA: Terrorists or victims of a covert war?

Pakistan's government must prioritise the welfare of the tribespeople over cynical politics.

Quetta attack

Understanding the context of Quetta attack in Pakistan

The terrorist threat in the country has been greatly reduced, but it is not going away any time soon.

War & Conflict

Two centuries of oppression in Kashmir

The protests may turn into an uprising if India continues to misrepresent the fury as Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.


Divisive politics set the stage for Dhaka attack

Persecution of the opposition and denial of the international links of Bangladeshi militants has made way for ISIL.


Obama's pivot east fuels an Asian Cold War

Obama's pivot east has done little to contain China's strategic expansion.


Nawaz Sharif is the only viable option for Pakistan

With no alternative vision for governance and two insurgencies, Pakistanis must support Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

War & Conflict

Death of a warlord will change nothing in Afghanistan

The assassination of Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor will not bring peace to Afghanistan.


Momentum builds for Pakistan to act against corruption

Pakistan must focus on the eradication of corruption because it fuels the poverty that generates recruits for terrorism.

War & Conflict

Divisive politics impede progress in South Asia

Afghan ethnic enmities, Pakistan's fixation with security and Indian Hindu nationalism risk destabilising South Asia.

War & Conflict

Pakistan's politicians also to blame for Lahore attack

The Pakistan Taliban may have lost the war, but it is being handed propaganda victories on a platter.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: Taliban won't talk because it is winning

The situation in Afghanistan provides no incentive for the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

War & Conflict

Are India and Pakistan heading for a nuclear showdown?

If there is no radical change in India-Pakistan relations, a nuclear exchange in South Asia is only a matter of time.